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  • Our company had got the best service award issued in 2010

    2016/12/09Industry News

    With twenty years experience on printing ,We are committed to providing professional service for our customers,equipped with most advanced equipment such as Heidelberg six-color printing machine, screen printing machine, stamping machine, slitting machine, inspection machine, High speed automatic transverse cut machine and die-cutting machine and other auxiliary equipment.

  • our beerlabels ,wine labels,beverage labels ...advantage


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  • How to Label a Product

    2016/07/27Enterprise News

    Labels not only identify and set your products apart from competitors' products, but they also provide the essential information consumers need to make good buying decisions. While the type and amount of required information depends on the product you are promoting, several best practice guidelines apply to all types of product labels. With custom bottle labels you can make labels for any bottle shape or size. Wine, water, or beer! Make personalized gifts for the holidays. Design labels for wine bottles, or make water bottle labels, include the recipient’s photo, or a personal message for the holiday season. If you have your own brewing company, you can make all your labels to match, include your company logo or your own design to match the product. If you’re planning a charity event or wedding, wine labels are a great way to mark the table number for guests, and you can even include the dinner menu on the other side! For a special way to ask your bridesmaids to be a part of your wedding, use a favorite photo of the two of you to pop the question. Our labels are water resistant, and bubble free so they will go on smooth and stick strong. If you want to keep the bottles as a keepsake after your event, the bottles can be easily washed without risk of the label coming off! If you want to personalize your labels even further, you can make your designs ahead of time, then write on them when you’re ready with a pen or marker!

  • Weifang Yongxin Printing Co., Ltd line updated! ! !

    2016/07/18Enterprise News

    Weifang Yongxin Printing Co., Ltd line updated! ! !